Snowy Hockey Adventures

On the weekend of December 14th, most of New Hampshire was being hit with a snowstorm. My friends posted various status updates on Facebook about hot chocolate and movie marathons, which while I found to be tempting, I would not let stand in my way. My roommate and I had several quests to complete that weekend and hot chocolate had nothing to do with either of them. We braved through the harrowing storm on Saturday, unlike our cozy counterparts, to arrive unscathed at the Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua and the Merrimack Premium Outlets in Merrimack to complete the dreaded Christmas shopping (this isn’t really part of the story, and we didn’t really complete our shopping, I just love both of those places so much). The most important journey was completed on Sunday, December 15th, when Beth and I journeyed from Keene to Manchester to pay homage to the Manchester Monarchs.

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The day dawned cold and covered with snow. Beth and I cleared my car of snow, only to find that the plow had pushed a large pile of snow into the driver’s side door. It was no small feat, but I managed to get into the car and get us started on the road.

See that small snow bank on the side of my car?  That was very difficult to maneuver.

See that small snow bank on the side of my car? That was very difficult to maneuver.

About fifteen miles into our trip, I realized that I was out of windshield washer fluid and that neither of us could see out of the dirty window. We made a stop at a local gas station to purchase a gallon of the blue cleaning agent.

The deed is done and the windshield is clean!

The deed is done and the windshield is clean!

After a long journey filled with car dancing and soul-touching renditions of various OneRepublic songs, we arrived at the Verizon Wireless Arena. Relief filled us as we realized that we would finally get to see some hockey being played. Our tickets were ready and waiting for us at Will Call and we moved quickly to find our seats for we were a smidge late and children had already begun to sing the national anthem.

One might call this majestic.

One might call this majestic.

The arena was filled with children because December 15th was the Teddy Bear Toss and Sing for Santa, so periodically, the game would be interrupted with singing children and small competitions for the kids including being wrapped in gift wrap by another child or throwing Dunkin’ Donuts munchkins at each other. I’m not sure what the second game accomplished, but it looked enjoyable.

That's Max the Monarch.  And a small child.  Max is pretty great.

That’s Max the Monarch. And a small child. Max is pretty great.

After finding our seats, libations were searched for and located. We were able to enjoy a cold Blue Moon while watching the Monarchs take on the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. I spent some time ruminating on what a sound tiger is and what it might look like in its natural habitat before Beth pointed out to me that the opposing team is from Bridgeport Sound. I prefer my version. Either way, our Monarchs won because there really is no contest between lions and sound tigers.

Beer and hockey.  Super fun.

Obviously when you have beer and a seat this close to the action, you have to Instagram it.

After heartily celebrating with Max the Monarch, we threw away our trash and made our way to the doors. We were surprised to see Santa and since we had been Christmas shopping the previous day, decided to make friends with him. Santa is pretty great.

Santa! I know him!

Santa! I know him!

Our mission was completed and we arrived safely home. All of our friends were jealous and were vastly regretting their choices to stay indoors and watch movies.

Poor Sound Tigers.

Poor Sound Tigers.

I would like to give a huge shout out to the Manchester Monarchs for offering tickets to Stay Work Play!  Beth and I had so much fun and really enjoyed the opportunity to see the Monarchs in action!

Interested in seeing the Monarchs play?  The season isn’t over yet!  Tickets can be purchased (for super reasonable prices) here and you can find the schedule here.

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