So, they’re telling me tomorrow is spring…

Looking outside I certainly wouldn’t believe them. Especially because this week last year I’m pretty sure we had a beach day (& actually went to the beach).

Despite wearing snow boots to work today I definitely have spring fever. I can’t wait to run around with Yaz and take more advantage of the beautiful land we live on. Oh yeah, and tend to our kicka** garden.


Living on an old farm, it kind of goes without saying that we have to have at least a small plot. Luckily we get pretty into it and end up with a damn good sized crop if I do say myself.

GRAPE  TOMATOES FOR DAYS. Yes, those are actually mine from last year.

I’ve been mentally preparing for this season and decided to use one of the hottest items on the intrawebs to help me out- Pinterest, duh.


There are endless gardening boards out there, but one that I always enjoy is Whole Foods’ board, as they have lots of out-of-the box ideas.

Does anyone else out there garden? Or want to?

If you don’t have land to use yourself, there are some other great options out there, such as crop shares and community gardens.

I’d love to hear about all the other resources used by my fellow farmers!