Somers-Worth the Trip

I’m not ashamed to admit that on a recent road trip to Somersworth we drove through towns and parts of New Hampshire that I had never seen before. It was a beautiful not-quite-spring day in January and we were ready for an adventure with our 12 extra minutes of winter daylight. Our destination was Bad Lab Beer Co., a brand new-to-me brewery and pub that a friend put on my radar.

As I update this post in June, let me interject a few details you might be wondering about: as of May 18, Bad Lab is open for outdoor patio dining (by reservation only to, curbside pickup from 12-7 pm, and delivery to Somersworth and most of Dover from 12-7 pm! I look forward to the day when it is safe to dine indoors, so I will still share my experience from back in January! For any updates on indoor dining, be sure to check out their Facebook page.

The brewery is located in a bit of a strip mall, but the actual space is enormous, clean, and very group-friendly. It was pretty busy when we arrived early on a Sunday afternoon. We had different seating options including couches, several bars, high-top tables and chairs, and a long wooden table, which we chose for its central proximity and maximum people (and food) watching. A very friendly server took our beer orders and I opted for a lighter beer which I believe was called Painted Houses. I mostly ordered it because I had recently watched Netflix’s AMAZING movie with a similar title, but I digress. The beer was fantastic and refreshing, as were the others we tried including a few IPAs. My friend had previously recommended Bellamy’s Breakfast Porter, which sadly they were out of when I was there. I’m also very curious about their blood orange double IPA, which similarly has rave reviews. Must go back!

I will say none of the 3 of us were particularly hungry when we arrived, but with a little encouragement we ordered some appetizers and promptly destroyed all three. While I am whole-heartedly a pretzel and beer cheese girl, I think the dilly beans were my favorite. Slightly crispy pickled thin green beans with a little kick of the spicy chipotle ranch dipping sauce… honestly. I don’t think we were breaking new culinary grounds by switching things up, but the combinations between the soft pretzel bites, the asiago fries, and the dilly beans and their various dipping sauces were a delight.

Unfortunately we missed the memo on their live music earlier that day, but based on our experience I think this would make for a lively afternoon of live local music and great beer and snacks. It was great to see another new brewery doing things so well, and I truly hope that they are weathering the COVID-19 storm ok. If you’re able I would highly recommend supporting your local breweries to help them get through!

Find Bad Lab Beer Co. at 460 High Street in Somersworth.

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