Southern Comfort in NH

Madear’s has been an amazing addition to downtown Pembroke! Their southern Louisiana-inspired menu has been brightening my takeout routine for months and my stomach and I are so thrilled about it. As a Black-owned business and LGBTQ+ friendly hangout, they are a fantastic, welcoming neighbor and I cannot wait to attend some events in-person in the near future.

I never visited Madear’s when it was located in downtown Manchester but I am selfishly go glad they moved closer to me. Despite opening their doors in the middle of the pandemic, I am so happy they seem to be doing okay. If you’re in the area or a reasonable drive away, I would highly recommend checking out their menu and planning a visit soon!

This was my takeout spread the first time we visited. As you can see, I was very hungry and extremely indecisive so I just started ordering everything that sounded good. Pictured above is their homemade mac n cheese with potato chip topping, charred Brussels sprouts with melty parmesan and spicy red pepper flakes (honestly, the perfect flavor combination), and crab balls. I am a huge crab cake fan but I think the crab balls perfectly encapsulate all the flavors and textures and also make them fun to eat. These are also on the spicy side and come with a delicious creamy dipping sauce. Did this appetizer trio feed me for days? Yes. Do I regret ordering so much food? Obviously not – would recommend 10/10.

This was their church plate and believe me when I say this takeout container was licked clean. Included is a large piece of fried chicken, their creamy mac n cheese, cornbread and collared greens. I had never had collared greens before but these were DELICIOUS and heartier than I expected. The church plate has since been ordered multiple times…don’t mess with perfection, you know?

A few other menu favorites that I have since ordered and forgot to take photos of (sorry!) are their green man salad which comes with a bunch of charred veggies like kale and Brussels sprouts with their sweet maple yogurt dressing, as well as some of their bisques and soups. I don’t see the kind that I’ve ordered on their current menu but I’m sure they’re all scrumptious.

Shame on me for not trying any of their baked goods yet but that will be up next! Visit their Facebook page to see their latest specials, drool-worthy bakery items, and events like their upcoming Valentine’s Day brunch and dinner options. Order online or stop by Madear’s at 141 Main Street in Pembroke, Tuesday through Saturday.

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