Southern New Hampshire Winter Fun

Alright, you’ve done all the fun indoor things you can possibly do, and, being New Hampshire, winter is STILL here. Now what?

We’re hearty New Englanders, which means the cold is nothing to us, right? Ok, maybe a little. Still, if you get your body moving, activities in winter can be super fun. You know there’s not just skiing, right? There are all kinds of things you can do outside in the snow and ice!

For example:


New Hampshire is filled with hiking trails and walking trails that are currently buried in white, fluffy snow. Why not rent a pair of snowshoes and tackle a trail that way? Not only is it good exercise, but you’ll get views on your local trails you might never have experienced before. Parenting New Hampshire has some good information on snowshoe rentals and trails.

Ice Skating

This is something you can do inside or outside. If you don’t have your own pair of skates, you can go skating at some of Southern New Hampshire’s indoor arenas, which have plenty of rentals. You can find all the info on those at this handy link, here. Check in with your town as well. You might have a rink in your town that you don’t even know about!

Ice Climbing

Not exactly easy to find in our neck of the woods, but if you’re up for a drive you can learn how to become an ice climber in the White Mountains and even climb a waterfall. Did you know New Hampshire has an International Mountain Climbing School that can train you for that? You do now!


Why not? Just like with snowshoeing, hiking in the snow can bring a whole new perspective to your usual trails. You might even try some new ones, and see what glorious frozen waterfalls you can find (and maybe climb? Just be safe, ok?). You know what to do—dress warm, and seize the day.

And Skiing, Cause, Yeah

I mean, you can’t not mention skiing in a post about winter activities in New Hampshire. Take a look at the top rated ski resorts, and think about planning that ski weekend you’ve always wanted to do. Nothing like hitting the slopes and then finishing the day out with a nice cocoa, right?

We’ve got at least another month to go, barring any surprise snow storms, which we can never rule out. Whether you’re indoors or out, there is plenty to entertain in New Hampshire, when you’ve finally burned out on Netflix.

Ok, no one ever really burns out on Netflix. Just get outside everyone once in a while! You’ll be glad you did.

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