Spring Cleaning

You know that feeling you get when you are about to set off onto an exciting new adventure? I think that’s the same feeling I get when I look out my window at 5pm in March to see that the day is not yet dark. That feeling let’s me know that spring is here and I can look forward to more sunshine. As someone who is admittedly not a fan of the NH winter; I look forward to this feeling every year.

Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash.

Spring brings an awakening in us that reminds you to dust off the cobwebs, get rid of the junk, and start a new. This is a great time to start some new habits and get rid of some old ones.

In the past, I have always used spring cleaning as a time to clean out my closet, donate a bunch of items, and declutter my home. When I look back, I think of how much trash I created each time. This year I wanted to do it a little differently – I wanted to do it a bit greener.

You know the mantra – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. With each step you take; remember that these three words are in that order for a reason.

Here are 5 helpful tips to get you started on your green Spring cleaning!

  1. When you approach your closet, make sure you think of REUSE before any other mantra. Before you toss that old t-shirt, think about what else it may be able to be used for. As a dust rag or a wipe? How about some cute coasters made from your favorite old pair of jeans? Check these out!
  2. Ever heard of wish-cycling? This is when you recycle something that you think or “wish” could be recycled. If you’re anything like me, you did this with good intention, but it only makes things worse. Instead of wish-cycling, focus on buying less and then only recyclable items. Check out some of New Hampshire’s regulations here.
  3. Get those gardens ready by starting to COMPOST. Composting is wonderful because it can reduce your trash significantly and maybe even save you money on trash bags. I personally do not have the greenest thumb, but I know for a fact that compost can save you money on soil for your garden and enrich it at the same time. For some folks the idea of composting may seem daunting, but I promise that it doesn’t have to be. At my house, our set up consists of a small compost pail that sits on our counter. We then empty it into a large rotating barrel that lives on our small deck. Even if you live an apartment or an area without a yard, many local farms are willing to take your compost and some parts of the state have services that will pick it up for you as well.
  4. Are you a homeowner? How were your energy bills this winter? Have you checked out NHsaves.com? NHSaves offers programs to help you to be more energy efficient and to also potentially save money.
  5. Keep things simple. Some changes I’ve made in my life to better the environment have not always been my favorite. However, changing from paper products to cloth has not been a hard change at all. Pull out those cloth napkins and kitchen towels and make use of them! Cloth napkins can last for a very long time, are more absorbent and honestly, work better.

Remember..Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and don’t forget to add in the two newest R’s Rot (compost), and Repurpose.

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