Are You There Spring? It’s Me, Joe

Flowers #4I know you are probably thinking, “Oh boy, another ‘I hate winter’ rant is on the way,” well you are only ½ right. I love winter (see previous posts about skiing, hockey, etc.) but what I love more than winter is balance. Let me explain.

Winter is an incredible season, it offers us the chance to do things that no other season does. But winter is also a bit extreme. Case in point, I feel the same way about summer. I am not a fan of summer because of the heat/humidity. There are only so many times you can go to the beach or local swimming pool to cool off. And you can only crank your AC so high before your wife asks if we are going to be storing a side of beef in the bedroom.

So, I like balance and the two most balanced seasons are the spring and fall. But is it just me that feels that spring and fall are becoming almost non-existent seasons? Winter is far from over; the grass is still brown (if you can even see grass), the crocuses aren’t even considering an appearance, and the tulips may have packed it in and said fuggehetaboutit… next year. It will most likely stay piping hot late into August/September and the only way you will really know that fall is here, is by the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. Mini-aside: pumpkin feels like the new darling of the food industry it is in everything these days.

What are we to do? No formal protest can be lodged with Mother Nature, she ain’t listening. You can rant all day and all night on social media (this seems to be the most popular thing to do), or you can just go with it. Baseball, tee ball, and softball will all be played this spring. Along with soccer, running, hiking, swimming, etc. There will be plenty of time to go to camp, the beach, drive-in and more. Marshmallows will be toasted and lightning bugs will end up in mason jars (just for a short time, ok kids?)

If your family is anything like mine you have kids who are chomping at the bit to chase butterflies, pick flowers, and wear their new dresses outside. Reassure them, the time will come. Spring is on its way. In the meantime enjoy this new in-between season I call, Sprinter. It isn’t quite spring, but it isn’t quite winter… it’s Sprinter.

You can tell it’s Sprinter by the hum drum look on people’s faces at the coffee shop in the morning, the kids with WAY too much energy after not getting outside to play again at school. By the landscape crews who have taken their plow blades off but who have no grass to cut. By the dank dirty snow that is still piled up high on the side of the road. All of these are signs of Sprinter, but they will fade and spring will be here… well if I knew that I would be picking lotto numbers and living on a tropical island. Wouldn’t you?

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