Spring Snow-Ball

Recently, Stay Work Play, posted a blog about what the ongoing writers were going to do this spring. So far some of them have written about what they said they would do and I am sure others may have not yet gotten to their spring goals, partially because of the weather! Spring in New England, you never know what you’re gunna get (except for mud of course). Last year there were 80 degree days in March, and this year there is snow predicted in April, what a crapshoot!

Snow BaseballWell this spring, I am getting into something that I haven’t done in a long time; play on a competitive baseball league (I’ll get to the fun part of this post soon). The last time I played baseball was in college, although during the last few years I have taken up the fun adult sport of beer league softball. I wanted something a little more serious to do with some of my free time, so the Granite State Baseball league is the perfect fit for me. The weather has been great of late, and that brought our team out to the batting cages, and to do some field work (groundballs, pop-flies, drills and batting practice). It’s great to dust off the old cleats that have been “hung up” on the wall for 4 or so years, and throw around the bat and ball. This type of exercise is not something I have gotten into all winter, I have been burning calories and working other muscles at the ski resorts and in the glades.

This brings me to my point about always an odd spring in New England. I am sure it is not the only place where this happens (thinking of the Rocky Mountain Range here) but here in New Hampshire I was able to be out on a Saturday playing baseball in shorts and a t-shirt, and when Sunday rolled around, found myself in my ski gear at the top of Loon Mountain! What a deal! Two of my favorite things, normally done at complete opposite seasons, being done in the same weekend. This was a great feeling and one of the many reasons I love NH, and don’t “cheat” on my state, no matter how fun a 5k sounds! LOL love you Alyssa!

New England seasons are no longer as predictable as the Farmer’s Almanac would have you believe (I even heard it was a tough year for maple syrup because the sap was still frozen long into sugaring season), but I sure wouldn’t change it for year round residence in Florida! Being an active person allows you the ability to enjoy all seasons and all different types of activities. I know this is a thread that runs through almost all of my posts, but hey, that’s me and this is where I live. Certainly there is much that I do that I don’t write about, but thought you’d like to know of the weekend I was tanning my white legs, throwing the ball around one day, and locking into my boots for one last downhill hoorah on another. I’ve packed up my ski gear and took off my roof rack now, but the transition into a new hobby and adventure has been seamless so far. I hope you all are enjoying the longer days and spring activities, pretty soon though; we’ll be out on the boats and swimming around the lakes in no time!

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