The State’s Official Meetinghouse

For the past 10 years I have lived in the Lakes Region and have consistently been to the Historic Belknap Mill in downtown Laconia to listen to political leaders, attend social events and to attend non profit events! This week I had the opportunity to interview Joel Arsenault, a trustee for the Historic Belknap Mill.

I took this photo last year after one of our big snowstorms.

I took this photo last year after one of our big snowstorms.

Here are five things that you should know!

  1. The mill provides educational, cultural, and historical opportunities for the community. It’s the state’s official meeting house as thousands have worked there, been married at the mill, and held social events at the mill such as baby showers, and fundraisers! Take it from me it’s a great location to hold an event! Each year we hold the Faith, Hope, and Love benefit dinner and donor reception at the mill and last year we held the Habitat for Humanity Cupcake Challenge there!
  2. It is the oldest unaltered brick textile mill in the United States and the only industrial knitting museum in the United States.
  3. The mill has many visitors a year. Each year they see roughly 1,200 students that participate in their “My First Day of Work at the Mill” Program. Speaking as a social science educator-this would be an amazing field trip for your Industrial Revolution or NH History Unit!
  4. The public is welcome to stop in anytime to take a tour or attend an event.
  5. The mill was set to be demolished in 1969, but a group of active community members started the “ Save the Mill Society”. This group of individuals raised over $500,000 to save and preserve the mill!

Want to make a difference this year and just don’t know how?! Well, here is your chance! To Volunteer: The Mill is currently looking for board members, or energetic community members to join a committee. If you are interested you can contact Joel at To Donate:  The Mill is a 501-c-3 not for profit, therefore your donation is tax deducible. You can make donations in honor of a loved one, make a one-time donation here , or even have make a donation from your IRA. Save the Date:  The next event held at the mill is sponsored by Fusion, the Lakes Region Young Professional Group. They will be holding a non profit fair from 3-7 PM on February 19, 2014. Approximately 25 area non profits will be attending. You can find the flyer for the event on their FB page.

Inspired by Fusion next week!

Inspired by Fusion next week!

Want to know more?! You can visit the Historic Belknap Mill’s website, follow them on Twitter, or contact Nancy, the receptionist, at 524-8813 Monday thru Saturday 9 to 5. There are so many wonderful people and agencies making a difference in our own back yards! If you would like me to feature your non profit agency or know of an amazing NH professional giving back let me know by emailing

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” -Gandhi

 Until Next Time: Do GOOD NH!!!

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