Staying Indoors to Paint

I do not like winter. Have I mentioned that before? This winter is no exception. Yesterday, I didn’t even bother leaving the house because that is how over this winter I am. My roommate has since told me that it was not so cold out yesterday, but I made the right choice.

Because of my aversion to snow and cold and all things winter, my options for activities in my free time are quite limited. Instead of hibernating which is always my favorite option, I’ve been painting. Today, I wanted to share some of my most recent paintings with my readers. Eventually, I will attempt to sell them, but for now I am just happy to be able to share them with others

Sometimes, I like to paint things that will inspire me. And sometimes I miss speaking Russian.

Sometimes speaking Russian to a cat is not enough, so I have to paint out the words.

Sometimes, I paint what I dream about. Most of the time, my dreams are not filled with orange and purple people.


Some of them are filled with a lot of my feelings.



Some are just what I think trees would look like in space.

Space Trees

And some show off my dorkier side.

Weeping Angel  Dalek

Even though I’ve not been spending much time being active and outdoors, I feel as though I have made the most of my free time this winter. What are some of your favorite indoor activities for winter time?

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