Steak Gets a Sidekick

Every great food has a dependable sidekick to rely on. Spaghetti without meatballs would just be a slippery pile of bland cooked grains. Without jelly, peanut butter would glue your mouth closed. Chips without salsa would just be jagged tortillas that would cut your mouth if you aren’t careful. And without fries, a burger would be, well, a burger holds up pretty well.

But the point is, having food teammates can turn any individual food into a much-improved meal experience.

For a long time, steak was the exception. A lone wolf that marched into each meal with its juicy tenderness and seared grill marks. But even steak can have an off day, and could use a partner that could be viewed as an equal.

At some point, someone decided to put steak into a sub roll, which made for an exciting twist on an old classic. Then they added some onions, peppers, mushrooms, and cheese to make it a delicious sandwich. But steak was still the star of the show and had to put the sandwich on its shoulders time and again.

Jitto’s Super Steak in Portsmouth knew the potential of pairing steak with another meat, and dropped a bomb on the steak landscape in doing so. Jitto’s is known as the home of the steak bomb, which is a steak and cheese sub lined with salami for an extra kick of flavor.

I’ve had many steak bomb subs in my life, but none quite like the steak bomb from Jitto’s. I stopped in earlier this summer to see what the hype was about. The sub starts with generous portions of delicious chunk-style steak tips, cut into manageable bites, and cooked to be perfectly tender.

Then it is heaped with thick cuts of quality salami. On most steak bombs I find thin slices of cold deli meats, but Jitto’s salami looked and tasted as though it was cooked on the grill with the steak. It was slightly charred, which gave it a bit of a crispy texture on the outside and was tender on the inside and bursting with flavor. Finally, a worthy partner to pair with steak.

After finishing my sub, I made sure to grab a fork to scoop up any ingredients that had fallen out. All of the ingredients in the sub were individually flavorful – from the steak and salami to the sautéed red peppers, diced onions, and slices of mushrooms. It was like a savory stir fry piled into a hearty sub roll and topped with melty cheese.

With the duo of meats, the sub quickly demolished any appetite I brought with me to Jitto’s. And two weeks after my initial visit I made a return trip, and I’m anxious to plan my next one.

In addition to the steak bomb, Jitto’s has a variety of pizza, subs, and seafood including veal parmesan subs, steak and chicken bomb pizzas, haddock nuggets, and spicy black bean burgers just to name a few enticing options. They also have a relaxing atmosphere with a few TVs and a bar to hang out at while you enjoy your steak bomb. Check out Jitto’s Super Steak at 3131 Lafayette Rd in Portsmouth, and make sure to bring your own sidekick to help you get through all the food.

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