There is Still Some Summah’ Left!

hampton-beach-hampton-nhDon’t let the marketing departments at the big box stores try to convince you that summer is over, it’s not! Sure a trip to Target or Wal-Mart might have you squarely convinced that the school busses will be rolling any minute (first day of school in Nashua is 8/27), let me assure you there is PLENTY of summer left in 2014.

  • First, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the lakes and beaches. The water temperatures, both ocean and lake, will not be much warmer than they are right now. This is prime swimming and boating weather as the temps are significantly warmer now than back in mid to late June.
  • Second, we are heading into prime festival season. If you have a favorite food, I can with great certainty tell you there is a festival for it. From the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival, to Chili festivals, craft brewing… in New Hampshire there is a festival, rally or cook-off that will be happening in the next few weeks.
  • Third, it is almost time for the fairs. Did you know every county in NH has a fair in addition to the state fair in Hopkinton? These fairs are the definition of family fun!  The classic midways, the livestock demonstrations, tractor pulls, arts and crafts… these county fairs are truly one of the hidden treasures that define New Hampshire culture. I will be at the Hillsborough County Fair entering my Blue Hubbard squash in the open division. “Hubby” as we call him is at least 36” around and growing every day.
  • Fourth, the weather… The last two weeks in August and the first 2 weeks in September are in my opinion the best 4 weeks of weather in the year. Classically humidity is low, temps stay in the 80’s and low 90’s. Rarely are there more than 2 days of “bad” weather in a row. If you are looking for a prime 2 weeks of vacation you are almost (key word almost) guaranteed A+ weather. Disclaimer: This weather analysis is purely empirical based on 35 years of living in New England and is not based on ANY factual or statistical data. If your vacation is ruined by a tropical storm, blame global warming not me.
  • Lastly, it is ONLY August 11th! Sure the weather men will tell you summer is June, July, and August but the season really does go until September 23rd. By my count that is 43 days, or just under 6 weeks of summer left. Sure the big yellow busses that will start rolling in two weeks will psychologically end summer for most people but please; get out there enjoy the warm weather, festivals, and fairs. Summer only ends when YOU say so, or Mother Nature dumps 2 feet of snow on us before Halloween. Whichever comes first.
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