Summer Kickoff

Memorial day BBQThis weekend is Memorial Day and what better weekend to unofficially (officially) kick off summer than with one that gives you an extra day off of work. After all most of our readers are professionals and know that the days of summer vacations are long gone (unlike the majority of our readers- college students) so we take those days where we can get them. I know, for me, that a three day weekend feels like an extended vacation, with Monday becoming the new Sunday for one weekend. So, what else makes Memorial Day weekend so awesome? Well for me, it kicks off summer with warmer weather, and new weekend activities post-winter. *I would like to have a little aside here and mention that last year on Memorial Day weekend it snowed in New Hampshire; well not this year!

While I always love the feedback from our readers, and am most interested on you all kick off summer, let me tell you how I do things where I live, and if you like what you here, give them a try! These three activities I had planned out over a week ago for this long weekend, when I decided I wasn’t going to be traveling anywhere, but enjoying my time in the White Mountain/ Lakes Region area that I live.

Activity 1: Barbeque

This activity is a staple for Memorial Day weekend. I have dusted off my grill already, fired it up for some burgers and dogs a few times, but now I am going to really do some barbeque. That means steaks, ribs, corn on the cobb, cornbread, coleslaw, and all other sorts of fixings that make for a mouthwatering day of overeating. While this is my plan for Monday I mention it first because of Saturday’s activity plan that ultimately sets the tone for the BBQ.

Activity 2 (or 1 since it’s for Saturday): Trip into Meredith

By this time of year, I haven’t driven into Meredith in 7 months for anything other than to pass through. Now that summer is heating up, all my favorite spots deserve a visit. I typically will go into town for a big lunch at the newly open for the season, Town Dox. This is the place to be in the summer because of the fried seafood, outside beach bar, and fun crowd. I’ll get the fried clam basket, naturally. Another thing I will do is walk around the bay with Willow and Lindsay, since it is great to see the people fishing, boats getting put in, and the fowl returning to their New Hampshire home for the summer. The last thing I do in Meredith (this is the set up for the BBQ) is go to my favorite meat shop of all time, The Wine’ing Butcher. A trip here is great all the time but I reserve it for special occasions and usually get more than I need. Amazing steak tips, crab cakes, skewers, an array of cheeses and desserts, and last but not least, my coveted Delmonico Ribeye steaks. These cut to order steaks are the best to feed your carnivorous side.

Activity 3: Active Sundayfloat the pemi

This year my intention is to do a triple threat for active Sunday. A day of the week reserved for chores and relaxing before work on Monday is replaced, because of an extra day on the weekend, with physical activity. First I plan to hike a mountain that will not be crowded with tourists, as most popular hikes are. I can’t tell you where I am going but I will someday! After the hike (which is going to around 3 hours) I will paddle on the Pemi River in a canoe with some friends. This is a seasonal tradition of ours, usually with floats, not boats, but you don’t need me to tell you how cold that water still is, so we’ll stay above it. After that 2-3 hour adventure I pack the bike on back of the care and head for Franklin Falls for their mountain biking trails.

This must sound like an extremely ambitious weekend (considering it might rain for some of it) but I think I can do it all! How will you spend your Memorial Day weekend?

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