Summer Is Here!!!! Now What Are You Going to Do With Your Kids

Summer Camp FunSaturday marked the official start of summer… though we all know it un-officially started Memorial day weekend 😉 Ah the days of heading to the beach, playing ball, staying out until the street lights came on… wait that was my childhood. Nothing magically happened on Saturday for me, did it for you? Monday is here, and I have to go to work, this stinks!
What stinks even worse… my kids get to enjoy some of those magical pleasures (the days of being told to get lost and don’t come home until it’s dark out are OVER) while I toil away behind a computer screen. Yeah, I’m jealous of my 3-year-old… But that is another post all together.
For those young parents with kids in kindergarten and up it is even worse… what the heck do you do with them now that school is over? Unless you are a teacher or you plan to use a ton of vacation time this summer it is a real dilemma for young families. I have some friends who are paying through the nose (upwards of 6k) for summer camps. You would think that could buy a summer’s worth of entertainment, but it does not. It barely covers half!
This is one of those magical things that creeps up on young families just when you get your kids routines figured out… summer is a major wildcard. So, what is a hard working young family to do for child care, for almost 3 months, until the school buses start to roll again? I have a few savvy suggestions.
If you cannot afford a full summers worth of camp, or your kids just aren’t old enough to make that work you have to get creative. One of our best babysitters is going to be a senior in high school this fall. And this summer… you guessed it she is looking for work. There are PLENTY of very qualified high school and college aged kids hanging around in your neighborhoods (many of whom you know already) who are looking to work this summer.
Between a couple of days of babysitting and a supplemental day at Grandma’s house, or Aunt Susie’s, you could make it work. I am so thankful that my kids are still in pre-school and below. We aren’t going to have to tackle this problem for a couple of years. However, we know it is on the horizon and are starting to think about it now, crazy right?!
So, some of you must be in this particular pickle. What are you doing to pass the time this summer? I would LOVE to hear how others bridge the gap between spring and fall with childcare.

Happy Summer!!!

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