Summer Reading

Something about summer makes me read a whole lot more than the rest of the year. There is nothing like getting lost in a good book on a hot summer’s day. I have always loved to read and can polish off books pretty quickly which means that I always have to have another book to start. It’s a vicious cycle. My love for reading started young, I can still remember my mom bringing my three sisters and I to the Jefferson Library for story hour. After we got to choose a book to check out and bring home. For the younger crowd we did not have Kindles or e-readers when I was little and going to the library to pick out a book was like an adventure. The Village Book Store in Littleton, NH was a favorite place to visit for my sisters and I. We could go look at books, play with the toys, and just have fun. Sadly they closed down earlier this year. I wish that we could really preserve reading an actual book.

A love for reading is a quality that I want to instill in my children, and we do quite a bit of reading at our house. I just stopped in to our local TD Bank branch yesterday and they informed me that they are doing a summer reading program for children of all ages. If you read (or your child reads) 10 books by the end of the summer the bank will deposit $10 into your child’s savings account. If they do not have an account they will open one for your child and deposit the money. I do not have to bribe my children to read but I think that this is a great way to keep reading alive especially in an age where electronics take over.

When purchasing a book I prefer to go to Gibson’s book store here in Concord. I love the atmosphere, selection, and having True Brew Café there doesn’t hurt either! Gibson’s has story time for children, book discussions with the author, and much more. I don’t always buy my books new. I have been known to find great books at yard sales, book swaps, and even the Hannaford book bin!

Runners Alley/Red Hook 5K Runners!

Runners Alley/Red Hook 5K Runners!

Do any of our readers have a favorite local book store? How about a favorite place to go and read? Suggestions for good books to add to my summer reading list?

I realized that I never posted my results from running the Runner’s Ally RedHook 5K. My time was 39:43, not too shabby for someone that has not ran a 5K in 4 years! I am hoping to better my time with each race that I do. Wish me luck!

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