In the spirit of NH Maple Weekend Maple Leaf(March 19 & 20) I want to talk about an amazing place just down the street from where I live. (I’m telling you now so you have time to plan your visit.) They make the best maple syrup in NH! That is not just my opinion. That has been decided by the NH Maple Producers Association on more than one occasion!

One of the things I have said before is that I love living in an area with so much history and tradition, and I can’t think of a better of example of these things than Fadden’s General Store in North Woodstock. The Fadden family has been doing what they do for a very, very long time! This illustrates two points that I feel are important for success; stick to what you know and anything worth doing is worth doing right! And that is exactly what they do!

Back when I worked the Lincoln Woodstock Chamber of Commerce, now the Western White Mountains Chamber of Commerce, I had the pleasure of taking a tour of Fadden’s operation. My tour started with learning a little bit about the family’s history as producers of ample products. My memory is not good enough to recall all of the details and I would not want to give everything away, but I distinctly remember being flabbergasted at how much was really going on there and how long they had been doing it!

If you are able to pay a visit, you can also stop by Peg’s Family Restaurant, just a few doors down. Peg’s is also owned and operated by the Fadden family! I bet you can’t guess where they get the maple syrup for their pancakes…wink wink…mmmmmmm!

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