SWP- Anniversary Edition

il_340x270.323834586Hello everyone and Happy Spring (winter still?!). By this title you may assume that it is my anniversary with SWP, but that was last October, so you have had the pleasure of reading my posts every other week for more than a year. This anniversary edition is about wedding anniversaries! My one year wedding anniversary is coming up in 2 months, so now is a good time to start planning. (As a disclaimer to my wife, if she is reading, this blog is only for conversation, I already I have our anniversary planned; just want to hear from our readers 🙂 What I want to talk about is how you married couples view anniversaries, and how many you have happily had!

For starters, we should talk about the gift. As a male, I know that this is not one anniversary item to forgo. I hope you male readers out there know that too. Hallmark provides two different columns of gift ideas. Not that this is limited to them, but the article is good. There are two different schools of thought on gift giving for anniversaries. The traditional route and the modern route. History will say this is a good guideline for anniversary gifts, and personally I would like to follow the traditional route. Here are the first 5 years’ worth of recommended gifts, just as a taste.

  • Year One: Traditional- Paper; Modern- Clocks
  • Year Two: Traditional- Cotton; Modern- China
  • Year Three:Traditional- Leather; Modern- Crystal/Glass
  • Year Four: Traditional- Fruit/Flowers; Modern- Appliances (WTF)
  • Year Five: Traditional- Wood; Modern- Silverware

Does anyone use these as a guideline for your purchases or do you just get the spouse something else?

The Event

Not that every anniversary has to be an event, but heck when you got married, it sure was one. I personally want to celebrate the fun we had on that day with something else that is fun. This is a great opportunity to relive a honeymoon and go on a trip, or you could try something new that you haven’t done (I hear skydiving is fun) and experience that together. If making a big financial investment in an adventure doesn’t sound like it will work for you then give the old creative side of your brain a challenge and come up with something romantic on your own. I am all for picnics, camping, and scavenger hunts that focus on what you have done together for the past year. What are some ideas that you have or have done in the past? I am sure our other newlywed readers would appreciate.

All in all, I think that anniversaries should get the attention they deserve. The gifts and events should mean something, not only to your spouse individually, but to you both as a couple. I like the idea of remembering why you are a couple to begin with, and how you will continue to build on that strong relationship. I am no relationship advice counselor, but I do write a mean blog post sounding like I am, so I would love to hear form others in our audience. How long have you been married? Do you have an anniversary that sticks out in your mind? What are your plans for your next one?

I hope you find this interesting and maybe even found a new idea from it.

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