Stay, work, play and TEACH!

The University of New Hampshire Teacher Residency for Rural Education (TRRE) program recruits young professionals and recent college graduates to put down roots and teach in a rural NH community. What do these TRRE people have in common? Shared values of commitment to community, education and local NH resources. Meet Alayna and Rebecca, two examples of TRRE students known as “residents,” bringing education home to improve lives of NH’s rural citizens.

A native of NH, Alayna attended college in Nova Scotia and received her bachelor’s and a master’s degree in international development studies. She returned to NH and worked as a Montessori teacher and an educational program coordinator for The Society for Protection of New Hampshire Forests. Alayna demonstrated a passion for experiential learning and children’s natural curiosity prior to joining TRRE.

Rebecca has an undergraduate degree in environmental science and policy. She participated in many research experiences including a six-month stormwater management internship in Ohio, climate research in Northern Sweden, and an environmental service learning semester in Italy. Rebecca was a paraprofessional in Berlin public schools prior to learning about TRRE. “Pursuing teacher certification through the TRRE program will allow me to integrate my love and enthusiasm for science, real world scientific experiences, and my interest in teaching.”

TRRE residents prepare to become educators while they live, learn, volunteer and teach in the Lakes Region or the North Country of New Hampshire. In July 2019, at the end of the TRRE 15-month M.Ed. program, Rebecca and Alayna are two out of a cohort of ten TRRE residents who will stay in New Hampshire as new teachers in high-need NH schools for years to come.

Jennifer Baker is the Program Coordinator for UNH Teacher Residency for Rural Education (TRRE). In her role, she has become a blogger much to her surprise and amusement! Her blogs cover topics related to teacher preparation, education and the TRRE community. Branching out to other topics in the future is a definite possibility.

TRRE, Teacher Residency for Rural Education, is funded by the US Department of Education Office of Innovation and Improvement Teacher Quality Partnership Grant # U336S160019.

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