The Tastes of India Come to Keene

Ever since I moved to Keene a year ago, I have been saying how great Keene is but it is missing an Indian Restaurant. Well, all my wishing and waiting finally paid off! Help me in welcoming The Spice Chambers to Keene.

The Spice Chambers- Keene, NH

The Spice Chambers- Keene, NH

Of course, I went out and tried it right away (twice actually). The atmosphere in the restaurant is warm and inviting. Since it is new, it is still working out some kinks with service and they do not have their liquor license yet (coming soon!). The food there is really delicious. Some of the plates are not as complex as I have had in other Indian restaurants, but I still enjoyed the flavor. They have a variety of appetizers and a lot to choose from if you are vegetarian. The only thing I would be weary of is if you have food allergies. I have a gluten allergy and my husband has a dairy allergy and the wait staff’s knowledge on helping navigate through the menu depends on who you have. We were told conflicting information both times we went in there. But neither of us got sick, so that’s a good sign! Both times I went in I overheard tables raving about the Naan they cook there in the Tandoor Ovens.

I suggest you go in and explore this menu for yourself. The Spice Chambers is located at 8 Winter Street in Keene. This is right of the rotary in downtown Keene where the Courthouse is. If you want to take a gander at the menu first, check out their website.

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