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If you live in New Hampshire, you’ve probably heard of the Grappones. More than likely, you’ve heard Amanda’s voice on the radio. You probably know that we are a car dealership, and you may or may not know that we do business quite differently than the typical dealership. Something you likely don’t know, however, is our mission statement.

The mission of Grappone Automotive is dedication to building lifelong relationships with our team members, guests and community by serving with integrity, kindness and respect.

Did you notice something different? Grappone is dedicated to building lifelong relationships – with our team members FIRST. I know what you’re thinking, “shouldn’t you be more worried about your customers?” First of all, I will correct you and tell you that while our GUESTS are very important, the real value comes from a healthy and happy team. I was always told that this was intentional, and it is definitely true. However, I have never experienced it more than now, while being a part of Leadership Grappone.

Leadership Grappone is a fantastic program that has been in Amanda’s brain for a long time. It is now happening, and it is more than I could have ever expected. I figured I’d be learning some skills on how to boss people around (kidding), maybe have some brainstorming sessions with the group, you know, “leadership” stuff. In the two sessions we have had, I have learned more about myself, my peers, and New Hampshire than I would have ever expected.

I am a part of a group of ten individuals from all different departments and dealerships at Grappone. We have representation from our Parts Department, Sales Department, Corporate, and even a Master Technician. People that, while all hired at Grappone, may not always interact. Heck, I’ve been at Grappone almost five years, and I hadn’t even met one of my group mates! We are all on board with the same mindset – to learn and develop ourselves to take Grappone to the next level of excellence.

My people! (Just missing Mark and Amanda) Back row (l to r): Greg Scarfo, Laura Bullek, James Cortez, Jim Snedeker, Adam Berthiaume and Doug Poole. Front row (l to r): Leah Lister, Stevenna Pisapia, Rachel Brown and Jenn Spinney. Missing: Mark Brown, Director of Sales; and Amanda Grappone, Fourth Generation Family Member and Steward.

We have traveled to Portsmouth and toured Strawberry Banke, (which is WAY better going as an adult rather than as a third grader on the obligatory field trip). We have visited our State House and toured downtown Concord, and have been lucky enough to meet and speak with some amazing people from all different parts of New Hampshire. We are more aware of our community, and we are working together to develop a community project. We have also had the opportunity to reflect on ourselves and each other.

I feel that this program is one of the best things that Amanda could ever do for this company. I know she believes and lives our mission statement, and this is concrete proof. She cares about our personal and professional development, and this program solidifies that. So, at the end of the day, when you hear Amanda’s voice on the radio, remember she’s got a great group of leaders behind her to support and develop each other, as well as our team!

Rachel Brown has lived in Concord almost her whole life. She grewup in East Concord, and attended Concord schools. Like most well meaning eighteen year olds, she wanted to get out of NH as soon as possible after graduation. She went to college in RI for one year before she realized she missed home and life in New Hampshire way too much. She came back, transferred to and graduated from UNH. Flash forward seven years, she and her husband (who is a Concord native) have a home in North Concord, and both of them work in NH. In her free time, she loves to binge watch shows, draw and paint. One thing that surprises people who don’t know her – she loves horror, and has taught myself herself to create really creepy SFX makeup looks. Halloween is her jam.

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