Teeny Houses with Major Creativity: Portsmouth Offers Unique House Tour

Over the weekend, I went on a house tour in Portsmouth. In many ways, it was a typical tour – I saw tons of gorgeous properties.  In other ways, it was atypical – everything was miniature and many folks had wings on their backs:


Here’s the thing: it was the 12th Annual Fairy House Tour! Thus, teeny houses and winged attendees were actually the norm!

Each year, the Prescott Park Arts Festival hosts this two-day event.  This was my first year attending (and most certainly NOT my last). I’ll try my best to explain what a marvelous event this was, but please block out time on your schedule to attend in 2017.

First of all, there were over 200 handcrafted fairy houses. They each had little signs with information about the builder and the name of their creation. Best of all, these fairy houses were crafted by a diverse bunch of creative people including local schoolchildren, local artists, businesses, friends, you name it! To give you a taste of the creativity, here are three houses I really, really liked:


Second of all, the level of detail I witnessed was astonishing. These weren’t just fairy houses…they were fairy homes! If you look closely at each picture below, you will spot a variety of charming accessories including Christmas stockings hung by a fire, a windowsill with potted plants, a dragonfly, and a small table with jars of fairy dust sitting on top of it. (Incredible, right?!)


Thirdly, another thing that rocked about this event was the venue – Portsmouth’s “historic” South End. This area includes Prescott Park, Peirce Island, the Strawbery Banke Museum, and the Governor John Langdon House.

All in all, I love being a human, but during this event I found myself wishing I was a fairy…that’s how incredible the creations were. So, see you at next year’s event? I’m fairly certain the fairies would love to see you.

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