I am going to risk being labeled as “corny”, “cheesy” etc., with this post, but I am ok with that. Thanksgiving is here and we are headed into the entire holiday season, and I have some strong feelings about this time of year.

For many people, November is a time to reflect on the things they have for which they should be grateful. This is very evident in daily Facebook posts mentioning what people are thankful for and doing so through the whole month. I have been blogging about NH for a few months now and I always have reason to be thankful. I am thankful that I live in NH and that I get to write a blog about it.

Living in a small town in NH is especially wonderful during the holidays. As someone that likes to help people, it is even better for me when I can help someone I know. Little things, like leaving my grocery store change for the next customer, paying for the car behind me in the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru, donating toys and food for local families that may be in need and checking with the local police department to find out if there is a particular family that needs something specific, like shoes for a child or something like that. The feeling I get from helping someone is something that can’t really be put into words, but it is the reason I do it. Sometimes we absent mindedly donate to things when asked while going through a check-out line, but we never really know how much of it goes to the cause, but when you literally hand something to someone that needs it, there is no better feeling.

I try to do it all year long and not just during the holidays. One of the best parts is that it doesn’t have to be giving someone something. You can let someone go ahead of you in line at the store, pay someone a compliment or just giving someone a smile and a hello can change someone’s day completely around! It can be spontaneous, but it can set other great things into motion.

I guess what I am most thankful for is being able to do things for other people. My hope is that in doing so, I can give people reasons to be thankful. I encourage everyone to think this way all year long and not just during the holidays. Try to make do something nice for someone every day, whether you know them are not…the world needs more of that!

Side note…
I also think the world needs more pictures of smiling dogs and dogs that look like they are praying, so enjoy the pictures of the two little guys that I am the most grateful for, Jack and Buddy!

Buddy is thankful for a warm house.

Buddy is thankful for a warm house.

Jack is thankful for his toys. That's why he smiles.

Jack is thankful for his toys. That’s why he smiles.

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