The Best Plant-Based Foodie Spots in New Hampshire

Do you feel like you’re seeing the phrase “plant-based” more than ever? And what does it really even mean?

The terms “vegan” and “plant-based” are often used interchangeably, but there’s an important and less rigid difference between completely excluding all animal byproducts and simply being more conscious of consuming less.

Over 9.7 million Americans are now following a “plant-based diet,” up from only 290,000 in 2004.

According to a consumer research firm, the number of food and beverage products made in the US that use “plant-based” in their labeling grew 287% between 2012 and 2018. The availability and popularity of plant-based alternatives at fast-food chains is one cause for this spike in interest but for some, that’s just an added benefit.

A plant-based diet focused on whole foods can provide many important health benefits, from weight loss, improving heart health to decreasing the risk of diabetes and cancers. It may also have an impact on our environment through fewer carbon emissions, water pollution, and deforestation from factory farming.

Whether you consider yourself plant-based or are intrigued about the buzz, New Hampshire has a wide variety of options throughout the state. Here are my four favorite plant-based eateries.

Troy’s Fresh Kitchen & Juice Bar – Londonderry

Troy’s Fresh Kitchen and Juice Bar was founded on the belief that you can have delicious food that is made with ingredients that promote optimal health. We know that healthy food plays a vital role in living a long and happy life. Our goal is to help you get the proper nutrition through delicious recipes that you will love. Whatever your goals are, we want to help you reach them by serving you the best quality fuel and encouraging you to be your best every day.”

While you’re visiting Troy’s, pop over and visit The Collective Studios!

Must try: Buff Chick Wrap and all of the breakfast scrambles

instagram @troysfreshkitchen

Col’s Kitchen- Concord

Col’s Kitchen is a plant-based eatery, serving delicious home cooking right in the heart of Concord.

“All of our recipes feature locally sourced, 100% plant-based ingredients. Our menu is made for everyone. We make vegan food, but we’re making it in a way that even meat-eaters can get behind.”

Must try: Cauliflower Wings and Pie Shakes

instagram @colsplantbased

Laney & Lu Cafe – Exeter

With the motto, “Live Vibrantly” Laney & Lu Cafe in Exeter is a must-visit location for any high-vibe foodie.

“At Laney & Lu, we believe food can serve a far greater purpose than to simply fill our stomachs. The ‘right’ food nourishes our souls, builds community, and connects us with the earth. We work with over a dozen farmers and merchants throughout New England to source locally whenever possible and positively impact local ecosystems. We utilize compostable to-go packaging with a commitment to being ‘zero waste’ to the customer. We believe LANEY & LU can make a meaningful and sustainable difference.”

Must try: Colorful Curry Warm Bowl

instagram @laneyandlucafe

The Valley Vegan – North Conway

Visiting the White Mountains? Check out The Valley Vegan, an all-vegan market and bakery located just north of The Village in North Conway.

“The Valley Vegan was founded on the belief that people with certain lifestyles and allergens should still be able to have access to delicious treats and food! We wanted to create a space where you felt welcomed and heard, a place that was 100% cruelty-free.”

Must try: BBQ Smoky Tempeh Chz Burger

instagram @valley_vegan_

What are some of your favorite spots for plant-based eats?

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