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Sitting in my kayak, simultaneously basking in the sun, this weekend I finally put my finger on what I love most about New Hampshire.

Of course I love the lakes and rivers, mountains and trails, the clean air. But what I love most is the little effort required to enjoy those things—what little effort is needed to enjoy anything in this state, really.

No, I am not just lazy, but the thought that I don’t have to go beyond a mile from my house to enjoy so many wonderful sights, scenes and shops says something. At least I think it does.

Growing up in suburbia I had all of my friends within walking distance but anything else required some planning. And time.

At the beginning of the summer I made grand plans forphoto going places and trying new things. While that is admirable, I realized I’m perfectly comfortable and happy right where I am, going kayaking down the road and wandering around with Yaz.

Perhaps some others are just more adventurous than I am, but I’m sure everyone has some nearby (cough, AMB) activities, places, etc. that they’re perfectly happy with, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. So thank you, New Hampshire, for allowing me to enjoy myself without expelling too much energy 🙂

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