The Cats Are Back

We all are too familiar with the New England Spring; one day it’s beautiful, sunny, warm, and the smell of clean air surrounds you. Then, the next day it’s ugly, dark, and when you breathe, it physically hurts your body because it is so cold. We call this normal in NH, which is strange but it also makes me feel like this is the reason why I can easily adapt to change, of any kind.

Spring officially attended the party early this year (March 20th) and it has been hard to believe that it’s here! There are warm days, and then there are snow storms. I really don’t think this jumping back and forth is good for my health. However, there is one event that no matter how cold it is embodies Spring and signals signs of Summer right around the corner!

baseball 2

Baseball Season. Ever since I was younger, I have gone to baseball games. The smell of fresh cut grass, the sound the bat makes when it hits a perfect pitch was always a staple in my summer activities. Now that I am older, I am trying to continue this tradition. Fenway was my standby, but if I continued to go to Fenway Park every time I felt the need to watch a live baseball game, I would quickly go broke. Thankfully, Manchester has the Fisher Cats.

No, they are not the Red Sox and no they don’t have Fenway Franks. But if you truly love the game of baseball, then you will enjoy a night at the Delta Dental Arena. They have mini-games in between innings, great beer, and fireworks on Saturday nights.

Things I love about the Fisher Cat Games:

  • Ollie. The cutest bat dog you may EVER see!
  • The ticket prices. Cheap to sit anywhere, even right behind home plate.
  • Hot dogs and beer.

Things I Don’t Love:

  • The mascots. This has nothing to do with the Fisher Cats, I just have a thing against all mascots.
  • The 20-second pitch timer. The pitcher should be able to take his time at the mound.

I know what you are thinking, “Manchester has a baseball team?” It’s really not that weird at all. I actually remember when I was younger, and my dad was so excited Manchester was getting a team. He would go to all the town meetings to vote of their team name (does anybody remember how they were almost called the NH Primaries?? My dad invested in a hat…).

baseball 1

Really, it doesn’t matter your age, if it’s hot out, day or night, it’s really is a great activity to do with the family or with a group of friends. This week the Fisher Cats will kick off their 2016 season, I will be sure to catch the opening game. Play ball!

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