The Gypsy Cafe

I know of a restaurant that is very unique in so many ways. Stay Work Play had posted a question on Facebook about top restaurants and asked for other suggestions; I posted this restaurant as my answer, and now I would like to elaborate.

The Gypsy Café in Lincoln is a very special place for many reasons and special to me personally as well. The amazing food aside, what you see on the inside is nothing that you would expect from looking at the outside. And what’s more, it’s almost never the same place two visits in a row! The Chef, Dan Duris, is a very talented artist, both with his menu and his dining rooms. Aside from some of the wall art being done by another very talented artist, the rest is done by Dan! The place looks nothing, today, like it did the first time I ever went in there! Dan does a lot of work with tiles and pieces he makes out of clay. He also makes the amazing table tops! There is just so much to look at and there is more being added all the time!

A work of heart.

A work of heart.

Then, of course, there’s the food! I could go on for days about how good the food is! As someone that has never been that adventurous when it comes to trying new food, I have had some of the best food that I never thought I would try. (There are still some things that I have not been brave enough to try, but they are very popular menu items.) There was one thing that was always my favorite and I often recommended to people, the Zuni Roll. Turkey, bacon, Havarti cheese, a basil aioli wrapped and pressed in a Panini press, with a side of raspberry chipotle dipping sauce! DELICIOUS!!! (I say that this WAS one of my favorites only because I don’t eat dairy anymore)

There are also fantastic desserts made by the main hostess, Claire, who also happens to be Dan’s mother and co-owner of the restaurant! I worked as a bus person for a short time at the Gypsy and I remember the Claire’s pumpkin crisp was in such demand that people would order it before their dinner just to make sure that they got some before it was gone! Pies, flan, cakes, you name it, Claire can make it!

The service there is great as well! They have a great team of servers led by Dan’s wonderful wife, Kristy! When she is not working at the restaurant, she is a teacher. They have the kind of servers there that make you request the one you had the last time you were there because they were so great! I really enjoyed my time working there!

We were there to celebrate our birthday! (Both born on the same day!)

We were there to celebrate our birthday! (Both born on the same day!)

As far as the personal reason I have for liking the Gypsy Café so much; they are the people that made it possible for me to adopt Jack and Buddy! Jack and Buddy’s dad works at the Gypsy and has for several years. He and I lived together in one of the apartments above the restaurant and we asked Dan and Claire if we could get a small dog. At that point, I was spending all of my free time with Dan & Kristy’s dog, Louis! He is an adorable brindle French Bulldog that I adore! They agreed that we could get a small dog and then we stumbled on Jack and Buddy on Craigslist. We told Dan and Claire about them and the fact that they were brothers and that we didn’t want them to get adopted separately. They told us to get both of them and the rest is history!

Moral of this story; go to the Gypsy Café! Awesome food, service and atmosphere; brought to you by some really awesome people!!!

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