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My husband has been hobbling around on borrowed crutches for the past few weeks. Thanks to a knee injury, his ultimate frisbee season has been sidelined for the time being, but that doesn’t stop him from shuffling down to The Juicery.

With only four locations in New Hampshire, we consider ourselves very lucky to have a Juicery (and Soupery) within walking (or hobbling) distance of our front door. For us, but especially for him, visiting The Juicery has become part of our weekly routine.

According to the Juicery’s website, their goal is to “nourish the people we love” and when we visit our favorite location in Durham, we feel both nourished and loved. Whether it’s the dead of winter and we’re dunking the cheesy focaccia in the cajun sweet potato chicken soup (which I highly recommend) or we’re trying to beat the summer heat with an acai bowl, the combination Juicery and Soupery doesn’t fail us.

The menus vary a bit from location to location, so I’ll often stop into the downtown Portsmouth location to grab a rice bowl. At every location, the food is fast, delicious, and 99 percent vegan, “honoring the wants and needs of The Juicery’s vegan, vegetarian, and acai bowl-atarian friends.”

Owner and founder, Alex Vandermark, opened the downtown Portsmouth location first after returning home from college in 2008. The Juicery now has nine total locations in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. In addition to “our” location in downtown Durham, those of us in NH can also find The Juicery in Somersworth, downtown Portsmouth, and Pease Tradeport.

We’re big fans, of course, of The Juicery’s smoothies. My husband likes the Kali Mango, while I prefer the Pine Ango Beet Tango. We both agree the Green Light is pretty close to perfect. When I’m popping into the downtown Portsmouth location, I always go for one of the bowls, like the Buddah Bowl. When I’m feeling a little more adventorous (or a tad prodromal), I like to treat myself to a Ginger or Cayenne shot. 

Give The Juicery a visit and if you’re in the Durham location, hold the door for the man hobbling along on crutches. Get more info about the Juicery location nearest you online and find the Juicery on Facebook and Instagram.

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