The newest family on the block


Hopefully by now you have read at least one of our blog posts. One of my favorite things about Stay Work Play in general, but especially this project, is that we are really trying to share information (stories, tips, news, etc.) that would be of interest to our target demographic; 20 and 30 somethings. Plain and simple. There’s no heavy sales pitch. Just a whole lot of fun!

2photoWe started a blog a few months ago after having thought about it for many months. As a small organization I’m always careful that if we roll out something new, we need to have the capacity to keep up with it. Who would go back to a blog if they saw the last post was months ago?! Also, we’re a statewide organization and despite being a small state, it’s a lot of ground to cover – and especially to do so in a genuine way. From this concept our ongoing bloggers began…. Let’s find young professionals from all around New Hampshire to commit to blogging for us every other week. They will each have their assigned days and we will asked them to share with us their lives in the state. No stipulations other than that their posts somehow tie back into “staying, working, and playing” in the Granite State.


Through word-of-mouth and good ol’ networking, our ten ongoing bloggers were born: Anna, Laura, Micaela, Griffin, Alyssa, Brett, Carmen, and Brooke, and then more recently Alexandra and Erin. They started reading other posts, making comments, and getting to know each other. Virtually. So it was suggested that we all get together in person. What a GREAT idea! Just before the holidays, we had the first (of what will definitely be many!) “Stay Work Play Ongoing Blogger Rendezvous” at The Common Man in Concord.


It was awesome. As I sat listening to conversations, I couldn’t help but overhear my personal favorites; small world stories. SO many of them! I even found completely random found things or people that I had in common with our bloggers, that I never would have guessed. The joys of New Hampshire.

We sat and chatted, about Stay Work Play and writing for the blog, job opportunities (as a couple of them are job hunting!), fun things to do, kids, puppies, it ran the gamut. After a couple of hours, kids needed to be tucked in, dogs let out, dinner made, and with our cozy nook full of empty drinks and appetizer plates, we went our separate ways. But we already have the second rendezvous scheduled and I can’t wait!

We are so grateful for their contributions! Especially to Stay Work Play, but also to our state and the unique ways they are making it better each day.

What started as bloggers for the same nonprofit organization will surely become true friendships and broaden our Stay Work Play family. It is apparent already…. And I think many people will agree with me that genuine, close-knit relationships are one of the best things about our amazing state.