These are a few of my favorite things…this week.

SNOB Festival


This past weekend I had the chance to visit Red River Theaters, downtown Concord for their annual hosting of SNOB Fest. What’s that you ask?! The Somewhat North Of Boston Film Festival is “a grassroots effort to showcase and support independent filmmaking.” The only downfall is I only had time to catch one flick but it was reely good. See what I did there?! Hardwater was an epic tale about a long-time, misunderstood Maine tradition. The feature-length documentary about the culture of ice fishing blew me away. Not only was the flick well done but it completely changed my perception of ice fishing. As a kid, I spent every summer in Northern Maine at my family’s camp & it never occurred to me that someone was making memories on that very lake during the coldest months of the year. Take my word for it, someone who doesn’t really enjoy any outdoor activities (especially the ones that require snow pants), go see Hardwater. Stay tuned for next year’s SNOB Fest. 



Last night was my first meeting with the marketing committee for Manchester Young Professionals Network. Why Manchester when I live in Concord? Well, my professional career kicked off in the queen city and although I physically left, I still enjoy the networks that I built while living there. So there. I’ve always been meaning to join MYPN but somehow got distracted. I ran into Samantha Maltais and Clark Van Der Beken (who both work at SilverTech) at the most recent MYPN event. I expressed an interest in getting involved with future events and marketing efforts. They are both on the marketing board. Lucky me! It’s very important for young professionals (even ones who are in-between jobs aka unemployed) to be involved in an organization such as MYPN. Not only is it great for networking but also the learning component is huge! There are multiple young professional networks in NH. Check ‘em all out here. 


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Here’s one of my least favorite things to do… get an oil change, or any car related task in that case. After avoiding it for a week, I got in my car and headed to Grappone Mazda/Ford in Concord. It’s always hit or miss if you’re going to spend a hot minute or all day there. When they told me I’d be waiting for what looked like a 2-hour minimum, I almost stormed out. I handed my key over, sucked it up & sat in the waiting area. You know me; I’m always tweeting about something. It felt like an eternity had gone by so I peeked by head around the corner and my car was still sitting there. I thought to myself, “OH NO YOU DIDN’T,” and the tweeting began. Rather quickly I got a reply from Grappone themselves apologizing for the long wait and that they’d get me in ASAP. Still annoyed, I went for a walk to look at all the shiny new cars outside. A man approached me asking if my name was Alyssa. I nodded and went to shake his hand. His name was Adam and he told me that he had seen my tweets. In awe, I thought, “OMG there is a social media God!!” Adam gave me a tour of the garage & showed me what goes into an oil change. He apologized again for the long wait explaining they were low on staff today & that from now on I should call him directly before coming to get any work done to make sure I’m not waiting another 2 plus hours. Now that was some serious customer service. Adam deserves some serious gold stars slash a raise because he is a rock star! See ya in 5k miles, Grappone! (OH and the thank you mints in my passenger seat were delicious btw!)

A-Ha Social Media Summit


If you haven’t heard about this then I don’t really know what to tell you other than stop living under a social media rock! This Friday, November 16th is the 4th Annual A-Ha! Social Business Summit at SNHU. “The “A-Ha!” Social Business Summit is a full-day, full-throttle experience designed to help you discover, align, and EVOLVE your social media mojo and paradigms.” I’m so grateful that Lani and Allen, co-owners of Epiphanies Inc. asked me to take part in Friday’s event. I will be monitoring the back channels of multiple twitter accounts during the summit. I’ve been at past year’s summits and WOW are they fantastic. There is a long list of speakers that are going to be there to spread their knowledge & experiences. There’s still time to sign up & register for the event. Believe me when I say it’s worth your time. Did I mention it’s super fun, too?! Lani and Allen have a good thing going on – if you can’t make it to Friday’s event, be sure to connect with them on Facebook to keep tabs on what they’re up to.