These Boots

100_4382When I have free time, in between the usual everyday, I love to hike. My Columbia Hiking Shoes were given to me as a gift from my parents on move in day at Plymouth State, back in 2000. Who would have thought that a simple gift like hiking boots would have allowed me to learn about and experience some of the most beautiful parts of New Hampshire. “These boots were made for walking (hiking) and that’s just what they do…” Since 2000 these boots have hiked hundreds of miles including the Grand Tetons out west, many trails off of the Appalachian Trail and over 50 hikes throughout New Hampshire. I usually don’t carry much when I hike, but I make sure I have my Camelbak filled up with water for myself and the dog, some snacks, my cell phone, camera, bugspray and a rain jacket, just in case. What is one of the greatest perks of hiking?! You can do it on any budget!

100_4364I recently hiked Red Hill in Moultonborough. It’s an old carriage road that leads up to a fire tower that was built there in the 1920’s. Once you reach the top and climb the fire tower it is a magnificent view of Lake Winnipesaukee and the neighboring towns. The day I hiked Red Hill there was not a cloud in the sky… Hello fall foliage!

If you are looking for some beginner day hikes/walks to do with your family or friends in the Lakes Region and White Mountain Regions I would recommend the following hikes/trails in that region that I have done:

  • Mount Major in Alton
  • Lockes Trail in Gilford100_4361
  • Red Hill in Moultonborough
  • Mount Willey in Lincoln
  • Belknap Mountain in Gilford
  • Rattlesnake Mountain in Holderness
  • Mount Morgan and Percival in Holderness
  • Stitson Mountain in Rumney
  • Welch and Dicky in Waterville Valley
  • Piper Mountain in Gilford

If you aren’t quite at the level of hiking all of the 4,000 footers (don’t worry!) and would like to check a task off of your bucket list, I recommend hiking the 12 Mountains in the Belknap Range. Not only do you get a great workout,  and feel accomplished, you will also be able to have great conversations with your friends, family or local bloggers about how fun it was to earn your very own Belknap Mountain Range Patch. Check it out:

Any hikers out there?  Favorite trails/hikes?