This one’s for the dogs

This may be short & lame, but you’ll get great referrals nonetheless.

I’m gonna start by piggybacking off of Erin’s post where she introduces Meetup. After reading her blog I signed up and discovered some great groups. One in particular is comprised of a handful of experienced hikers/NH aficionados/dog lovers. They organize at least two walks/hikes every weekend with their pup companions. Jon and I joined them for a nice walk around the Audubon Center at Lake Massabesic. It gave Yaz some new play pals, Jon and I met some great people, and we discovered yet another beautiful spot in the area. Even if you know all the hidden gems around you I highly recommend signing up for this group.

We started a level two training class at Gail Fisher’s All Dogs Gym & Inn. Considering the experience and reputation this place has, they charge pennies for their classes. Beautiful facilities and great instructors… needless to say Yaz is excelling. He’s still a total blockhead, though.


Long story short Yaz ate a chunk of one of his blankets… After consulting everyone I could think of last night we decided to try the hydrogen peroxide-induced puking. Sorry- it’s not glamorous. I was wicked nervous the whole time and Yaz was visibly traumatized by the experience. Everything worked out… thank dog. Yaz is currently passed out on my lap per usual. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the tech & Dr. Rooney at Daniel Webster Animal Hospital. Their offices close at 7:00 but they called me back all throughout the ordeal to check up on us. They could have easily just referred me to the emergency clinic… call history don’t lie (the unknowns are my vet’s personal cell phone)!

Anyone who is thinking about getting a dog- definitely check out all the above (cough, Kate)!