Tim’s Career Tips … Running the Job Search Marathon


Job Searching is a competitive sport that’s not unlike running a marathon. Maybe that sounds like an odd comparison but it’s true. When you go after a particular job you’re likely to be competing with potentially hundreds of others … and only one is going to cross the finish line first; that is, win the job.

So if you’re going to race in the Job Search Marathon, you have to make some choices about what kind of “runner” you want to be – are you just going to run in the pack and hope that you do well, or are you determined to win it all? Are you prepared to go the distance even when you come to Heartbreak Hill? Do you have the champion motivation to keep pushing over the long haul?

Clearly your answer is going to be “Yes!”, especially in this race where it’s really First Place or nothing; but do you have a “Championship Training Program” to make it happen? It takes more than motivation to win; every winning marathoner is dedicated to a trainng program – a daily regimen of education, exercises, stretches, jogs, sprints, and distance training. Constancy and Repitition are what enable a great runner to perform at the “Top of His Game” on race day; and it’s constancy and repitition that will enable your top performance on interview day.

Here are 5 “Marathoner” Strategies for your personal Job Seach Training Program (read more).