Tips for the Post Grad Job Search

Dear College Seniors,

Congratulations! Seven semesters down, one to go. Hard to believe the days of all-nighters, cramming for finals, and all you can eat dining halls are coming to an end. The semester ahead will be filled to the brim with hard work, hanging out with as many friends as possible, and of course, the dreaded job search.

From applying, interviewing, and accepting positions, the post grad job search can be a pretty intimidating process. I’m by no means a professional when it comes to career advice, but I have thought of a few tips that can help with the job search that lies in front of us! I would also suggest to check out your school’s career service center for even more info and help.11012733_10153337342469201_6258709601773632830_n

Start Early

The biggest advice that I’ve heard from friends who have already done this, tell me that starting early is the biggest favor you can do for yourself. It may seem a bit like applying to college, but hey, this time around they’re paying YOU!

Whether you know exactly where you want to work, or you still don’t have a clue of what you want to do, start early and get ahead. An easy way to start your search is head over to any of the trusted sites for job searches. is a great example. Head over to right now. Search Marketing in Portsmouth, NH. Before you know it you’ll be scrolling through the over 800 job listings in the field of marketing in that area.

Stay Work Play has numerous resources on their website for the job search, NH industry and workforce information, and the job search process.

Increase Your Linkedin Presence

If you take nothing away from this post besides THIS section, I
will be happy. It doesn’t matter if the only job you’ve ever had was a counselor at Camp Sunshine, get on LinkedIn.LinkedIn_Logo.svg
 Take the time to create a professional social profile. Have a nice head shot, create a well written bio, list all jobs or positions of significance. Make sure to complete your profile in full. Include your education, volunteer experience, honors and awards. Be selfish! Get your information out there so future employers can see just how great you are.

No Application is Ever The Same

Take the time create a personalized resume for every application. In today’s competitive job market, chances are the first round of cuts your resume will go through, isn’t going to be done by a person, but by a computer.

The computer will search for keywords that are relevant to that particular job description. Remember to search for buzz words in the content of the job listing. Use those words and other synonyms in your resume.

It may seem like a piece of cake to create several different versions of your resume, but when you sit down to do it, it can be a bit daunting. No matter how overwhelming it becomes, stick with it. Don’t disservice yourself by creating the same generic resume for every job.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Now, let’s not forget, we are never going to be living 15 feet away from our best friends again. We are never going to get timeless advice from professors so easily again and we are never going to have cheap college dive bars around the corner again. Once May rolls around, it is officially the real world. The best years are yet to come, however, you only get to experience college once.

So go out a Tuesday, make time for your closest friends, and don’t take yourself too seriously. As we head into the last couple months of our college career, remember that there is more to life than the post grad job hunt.

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