Top 5 Things That Happen When You Go To Plymouth State

112721813_10208654233977083_154338861_n) Robert Frost is more than just a poet

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I’m sorry I could not travel both…” To most Robert Frost is a well-know poet they learned about in middle school. In Plymouth however, good old Robbie is cast in steel as his statue sits in front of Rounds Hall for all to see. Frost was a professor at Plymouth Normal School and left such a mark on the school, a statue was made in his honor. His house still stands on our beautiful campus and selfies with the statue are a must for anyone visiting PSU.

2) Floating the Pemi 

Step 1: Find floating device. This could be anything from a snow tube to an air mattress. (I’ve seen it all)

Step 2: Pile a group of friends into a car and drive up to Livermore Falls in Holderness.

Step 3: Walk down the trail and hop in the probably freezing cold water (For better results float during the summer or fall!)

Step 4: Spend the day floating down the river with your friends

3) Be a part of a community unlike any other

One of my favorite things about Plymouth State is the integration between the university and the community. Ever since my first class as a freshman I’ve had opportunities to get involved with the Plymouth community. I’ve had classes where our group helped to build a better customer experience for local stores. Student organizations are able to help the Pemi Youth Center by volunteering time and assisting with projects. The dance department puts on a major event every year that brings in local dance studios from around the state to spend the day dancing with college students. I love that the town and the university are able to work together to create one great community.

4) You really are in the center of it all

I have lived my whole life thinking that Plymouth was, “up in the north country.” It may seem that way since we have multiple ski resorts up the road and Mount Washington around the corner, but Plymouth is actually smack dab in the center of the state! In fact, you can’t ask for a better location. Skiing is 20 minutes way, beaches and the ocean is an hour and half. We get the small town feel with everything you could ask for right around the corner.

5) Exit 25 will always be your home

When you graduate from Plymouth State you’ll always have the memories of the pumpkins on top of Rounds. You’ll always have the memories of late night pizza after a night at the Lucky Dog. You’ll always have the memories of having your closest friends living a few steps away. The feeling of driving up 93 and seeing exit 25 and Plymouth State University in big bold letters will always put a smile on your face. It doesn’t matter how far you go after graduation. Whether you’re on the other side of the world, or just the next town over, exit 25 will always be your home.


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