Tubing at Gunstock

Although we live only about 15 minutes from Gunstock, this past weekend was the first time we tried tubing there. It was so much fun! It’s the longest tubing run I’ve ever been on and it was a total thrill for my five year old (ok, and for me too!). It costs $20 per person for a two-hour session (or $13 for one hour). We had a blast going as a family, but it would also be a pretty fun date for those who enjoy winter activities. Here are my tips to make the most of your visit:in the snow

  1. Buy your tickets ahead of time online. If you don’t, you may show up and find they are sold out or you have to wait quite a while for your time slot. Buying your tix online before you arrive means you’ll know exactly what time you will start. They only allow so many people at a time for crowd control and to ensure that you get in a good number of runs.
  2. Consider going at the end of the day/weekend. We kind of lucked out and ended up with the 3 to 4 pm slot on Sunday, which is the last slot of the weekend. Although we had to wait about an hour (we didn’t buy our tix online – thank goodness for yummy hot chocolate and people watching!), there were fewer people in our group since it was at the end of the day/weekend. This meant we got in more runs than we would have if we went earlier. I noticed that the group before us was about twice as big and there were lines at the top and bottom of the hill. We only had a short line once we got to the top.
  3. Wear some Toasti Toes or other foot warmer. Tubing is not very active and there is a bit of standing around on the cold ground while waiting your turn. I was wearing my Hot Chillys socks and my Bogs but my feet were still freezing and I wished I had some foot warmers in my boots.

Happy tubing!

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