Tucked Away Treasures

I love living in the woods.

There are so many places one can hide a cozy little restaurant. There are so many secret trails that lead to beautiful places, and so often you have to know someone who knows how to get there if you ever want to lay eyes on it yourself.

My friend and I go to Pickity Place in Mason every month. We’ve been doing this for the past four years, ever since I moved back from Illinois. We have slid and bumped along dirt roads, shrouded by trees, occasionally graced with stunning vista views as the woods break open for a brief moment before we plunge back in. Over the river and through the woods, indeed, and if you know anything about Pickity Place, you’ll understand the Little Red Riding Hood reference. If you don’t, you might just have to go visit to find out. Don’t skip the lavender lemonade if you do.

I’m so grateful that we can do this. It’s almost a secret adventure we get to go on, and so many of these magical places serve locally sourced food, oftentimes that they’ve grown and cultivated themselves. New Hampshire is so filled with secret gems that it’s almost impossible not to stumble across one. It’s not just the hidden places that are cool, either. The Merrimack Common Man just happens to also be the home of Matthew Thornton, signer of the Declaration of Independence.  You can feel the history of the place as you munch on cheese and crackers, just another part of history woven into our modern day world.

Sometimes they may not look like the most interesting of places, but I’ve often found that the best places to explore or enjoy a meal just happen to be tucked away behind the rest of the world, places you wouldn’t look twice at unless you knew better.

What secrets are you in on that make New Hampshire special? What’s your favorite place that no one knows about?

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