Twitter Tips for Surviving a Snowy Season on the Seacoast


Twitter is where I go for real-time news, and it’s especially helpful during Seacoast NH snowstorms this time of year. Yes, turning on the TV can give me an update on NH or New England, but Twitter can be customized to provide a very specific and local picture of what’s happening. As we start the week with another snowy situation, I thought I would share a few Twitter accounts I follow closely this time of year.

  • @GovernorHassan Follow the Governor for State of Emergency announcements during winter storms. Her account also offers helpful safety tips.
  • @WMUR9_Weather Follow this account for local weather forecasts, including lots of screen shots of the most recent forecast/snow accumulation predictions.
  • @seacoastonline Follow this account for Seacoast specific news. For example, it was that informed me of an early Portsmouth winter parking ban notice Sunday evening. Thanks to this update, I was able to move my car off the street and into the garage before things got messy.
  • @PortsmouthDPW Follow this account for additional Portsmouth plowing, parking, and storm cleanup information.
  • @PortsmthNHPatch Follow this account for more Portsmouth specific news. For example, this account was one of the first on Sunday evening to announce Monday school closings. Oh you lucky kids, you.
  • @WickedGoodSoup Follow this account, because on a snowy day you need soup.
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