Two Barns and a Beer

At first look, it’s hard to tell that the beautiful new Twin Barns Brewing Company facility was recently two 1850s conjoined barns discovered in Meredith by co-founders Bruce Walton and Dave Picarillo. Upon further review, the logo, two-toned paint job, and interior exposed beams tell more of the story.

Located right on Daniel Webster Highway in Meredith, it’s now hard to miss as the beautifully renovated building stands out from the other town businesses and McDonald’s up the street. We stopped by on a cloudy end-of-summer day and were delighted with the busy pub atmosphere, large food and beer menu, and extensive board game selection!

When we arrived we were luckily able to snag a table right in the middle of the action. There was a large TV playing college football but mostly just tons of people enjoying good beer. We were happily surprised by the amount of young people in the room and imagined it would be even more crowded on a sunny summer evening!

Once we staked our claim we quickly grabbed some beer menus to see what was going on. I enjoyed their “signature” names with a nod to the Lakes Region, and ordered one of their seasonal beers, a raspberry sour. It was a little sweet (which I happen to like!) and perfect for the still seasonally-warm weather with the barn doors open to the afternoon. Everyone in our group liked their beer choices and I certainly intend to go back on a slower day to try some more.

The tables and seating in the restaurant were aplenty, and I liked their set-up of ordering beer and food at the bar, and returning to pick it up when your buzzer went off. The mac ‘n cheese plate was enormous and the perfect mix of creamy with a little bit of a crunchy top. I’m no beer expert but it paired surprisingly well with the sour beer!

Other hearty dining options include their pulled pork sandwich (pictured above) and I saw multiple people eating some great-looking pizzas. They also serve burgers and lots of other pub food which you can read about here.

So if you’re looking for a great beer option in the Lakes Region, I would recommend stopping by Twin Barns Brewing Company. They have only been open a few months but really seem to have a lot going on! Check them out on Facebook to see any upcoming events and see what’s brewing!

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