Un Regaalo para ti!

“Calling all college students and their families! Regaalo Gifts has teamed up with local NH non-profit, the New Hampshire Innovation Commercialization Center, to bring one lucky winner a prize that could make a difference in paying for college education.”

When/how did Regaalo start?

Regaalo started at the University of New Hampshire but we worked out of the New Hampshire Innovation Commercialization Center (the NH-ICC helps grow early stage technology companies) as a way for parents to stay connected. Parents could send gifts to students’ cell phones, and care packages. You could even customize them at regaalogift.com with different items such as candy bars and popcorn where you can start from scratch or get the base package.

So how does it work?

Parents send a mobile gift with a voucher on it to their kid’s cell phones that allow them to use the voucher at the place purchased for.

How did you think of this?

At the NH-ICC we had a focus group and the founding team was in that room. It really started when we took second place in the Holloway Prize Innovation-to-Market Competition. We used the funds from that to start Regaalo.

How many of you are there?

4 Founders, 4 Interns, 8 Advisors.

Are you all from New Hampshire?

We all currently live in New Hampshire, mainly Portsmouth.

Tell me about the Regaalo tuition raffle….

For just a $3 donation to the NH-ICC, you will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win up to $50,000 to use toward college tuition, or any other expenses.

Enter today at

Regaalo Gifts, a co-host of the fundraiser and a new company located in the NH-ICC, was founded by recent University of New Hampshire graduates. On RegaaloGifts.com, family members of college students can shop gifts from local merchant near their student’s college or send customized care packages anywhere in the U.S.

This interview was conducted with Regaalo’s President, Jessica Streitmater, who graduated from UNH in 2011 with a focus in Management and Entrepreneurship.