Unique Fitness Finds


When you read or hear that word do you drop your shoulders and make a little “ugh” sound? Does it feel like something you should be doing? More of an obligation than an active choice? 

It could be something you absolutely love but find yourself falling in and out of a consistent gym routine. 

Maybe it’s time for a shake-up! 

The key to sticking to daily movement is finding something you enjoy. Check out some of these more unique ways to keep working out fun and exciting! 

Kama Fitness (Manchester)

Kama specializes in aerial fitness (think Cirque Du Soleil) that is accessible to all levels. It’s not only physically challenging but mentally challenging as well.

Once you try it you will not want to stop because it is addicting to see the incredible things your body can do,” says owner Antonia Schena.

Whether you’re interested in aerial yoga, acro tumbling, or even their bungee fitness classes you can expect to enjoy the freedom, creativity, and beauty that is possible with aerial fitness.

Barre Life (Manchester)

Barre Life focuses its fitness on barre, yoga, and trampoline classes. Yes, you read that right– trampoline (also referred to as a rebounder). The Barre & Bounce class is a full-body workout that takes place on and off of the rebounder. Bouncing is known to help improve your balance, coordination, endurance and improve your body’s lymphatic system. Furthermore, it’s great for strengthening the pelvic floor.

It sounds so crazy and scary but once you try it, you realize how much fun it is but also how great it is for you because it’s so easy on the joints,” says owner Ashley Oberg.

This class is for all levels and is especially good for people coming back from an injury or new to exercise!

Barre Life NH

Portsmouth Paddle Co. (Portsmouth)

Looking to take your fitness outdoors this summer? Portsmouth Paddle Co. is a full-service paddleboard shop with everything for the novice to experienced paddler. You can find everything from rentals, tours, lessons, and even stand-up paddleboard (SUP) Yoga. The team plans to start offering its full line of services (rentals, tours, and lessons) beginning the first week of June.

Portsmouth Paddle Co

Vertical Dreams (Nashua and Manchester)

Vertical Dreams is an indoor climbing gym that boasts New Hampshire’s tallest climbing wall.If you’re looking for a new hobby or passion that keeps you active this might be a great option!

In my opinion, climbing becomes a passion. You don’t continue with it because you feel like you have to get some exercise. It’s fun so that keeps you coming back,” says owner Corey Hebert.

Two convenient locations offer top-roping, lead climbing, bouldering, and routes for all abilities. Climbing works on more than just strength, it can also improve balance and flexibility.  

The Vitality Place (Londonderry)

Where else can you work out with and like NFL Pro Cheerleaders!? The Vitality Place offers dance, barre, and yoga classes for all skill levels that get people excited to move and work out. Owner Nicole Manelas, a former Patriots Cheerleader, pulls from her professional experience when teaching choreography in the popular Pro Class for those aspiring to make a professional team or to those who just miss dancing. Don’t have dance experience? No problem! The Dance Cardio Party class is the most fun way to do 45 minutes of cardio.

How can you not have a blast when you get to dance with pom-poms in your hands?!” says Nicole.

The Vitality Place

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and try one of these new ways to move your body, be a part of a community, and most importantly — have fun!?

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