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Differences Make Us Better

It isn’t a secret that New Hampshire’s makeup is a predominantly white population, so I think it is especially important to embrace and celebrate the cultural diversity that we do have. We need to cherish this diversity and nurture it to grow. Because our cultures are what shape us as humans, learning about other cultures can only make us better. 

This is why I am looking forward to the many MultiCultural Festivals coming up in New Hampshire in September! 

Photo by Pavan Gupta.

What’s Going On

In different areas of New Hampshire, you can find festivals celebrating the various music, food, art, dance, attire, and activities from cultures all over the globe:

  • Nashua Multicultural Festival – Sunday, September 15th from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm at St. Patrick’s Gym on Main Street. This free event will feature multicultural food, art, dance, and more! Free samples of foods from a variety of countries will be provided (first come, first served).
  • Saint Anselm College Multicultural Day – Saturday, September 21st from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on the Campus Green at 100 Saint Anselm Drive in Manchester. There will be free food and performances by Barranquillia Flavor, the Bollywood Dance Company, the Wha Lum Chinese Lion Dancers, and Akwaaba Ensemble.
  • Concord Multicultural Festival – Sunday, September 22nd from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm at the New Hampshire State House. More than 50 different cultures will be represented at this exciting Cultural Festival.

Welcoming Week

It is no coincidence these festivals are all happening in the same month. Welcoming Week in America is September 13th – 22nd and is all about bringing together immigrants, refugees, and native-born residents as a community to show support and embrace our connections to each other. There are events held all across America during September to celebrate this movement and it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the way others live and celebrate life!

Here is a video about Welcoming Week from Welcoming America:


Spotlight Performers: Akwaaba Ensemble

Akwaaba Ensemble, a traditional African Drum and Dance Ensemble, will be performing at the  Saint Anselm College Multicultural Day. I had the amazing opportunity to participate in an African drumming lesson with the Akwaaba Ensemble Director Theo Martey last year. Theo was born in Accra Ghana, West Africa and is a songwriter, recording artist, producer, performer, and teacher. This was a fascinating and wonderful experience as I had never tried anything like it before and felt exhilarated when learning it. Part of why it was such a great event was Theo; as a teacher, he is so joyous being himself while sharing what he loves with others and that joy is contagious. I would highly encourage others to try something new like this at one of these festivals. Expanding your horizons and making others feel welcome is always a rewarding experience!   

Theo Martey, Director of Akwaaba Ensemble. Photo provided by Theo Martey.


Akwaaba Ensemble. Photo provided by Theo Martey.

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