A Walk Through the Gorge

With the warm weather finally upon us, my husband and I were excited to start hiking again (I refuse to hike in cold weather- I just don’t like cold weather). We usually start if with something easy and work our way up to longer more difficult hikes.

Chesterfield Gorge My husband and I are new to the area, so we have not hiked anywhere around here. We figured it was not wise to start off with Monadnock. So, we thought we would start of this season at the Chesterfield Gorge. We decided to take our puppy, but left our older dog at home, since we weren’t sure what to expect, When we got there, we realized this didn’t really qualify as a “hike” in our terms, but it was a nice walk through the woods. There is something serene about taking a quiet walk through the forest with the sound and sights of rushing water.

The walk is a .7 trail along Wilde Brook, down one side of the brook, crossing over, and then coming back up the other side. It was the first warm weekend and my husband and I thought for sure that the Gorge would be packed, but there was hardly anyone there! We only passed two other groups of people in our walk around. The paths were predominantly easy, however, there were a few spots where roots were prevalent or the grade was a little steep.

There are many spots during the walk where you are walking along the edge of the gorge, which was very beautiful but brings me to my one negative point: the fences along the route. They are definitely necessary, as parts of the trail just drop off into the gorge and you wouldn’t want to have nothing there, especially if you were walking with younger children. However, the fences are these industrial metal fences and they stick out like sore thumbs against the natural backdrop of the surrounding scenery. I’m not sure what else they could have done here, and I suppose safety is more important, in any case!!

You can find the Chesterfield Gorge off of Route 9 in Chesterfield, NH. I recommend taking time for a quick walk around, especially on a nice day. The walk is predominantly in the shade and would be a fine walk as the temperature rises. It would be great for people (and dogs) in all walks of life. Enjoy the picturesque stroll. Eventually, I’ll let you know how Monadnock goes!

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