Walk it like you talk it

Working at EVR I’ve had the pleasure of helping with multiple branding projects- whether it’s naming, logo design, color palette, tone of voice, yadda yadda yadda. Once our brand doc has changed hands our job becomes centered on preserving all that document entails. Deviation can take away from that ultimate goal of branding. Whether we are crafting print ads, radio spots, TV commercials, web copy, Facebook posts- you name it- we must stay true to the created brand in all its facets.


I had the pleasure of attending the 4th Annual A-Ha! Social Business Summit this past Friday. The SNHU Dining Center was transformed into a classroom for 200 social media sponges. The goal was for each attendee to come away with ah “A-Ha!” moment- one mind-blowing new piece of information, or something that changed an existing view. I came away with many.

While trying to soak up every bit of genius that was shared by all the wonderful presenters and panelists (kudos, Kate!), I noticed an idea that was harped on numerous times- consistency.

“Chief Peep” at Flock Marketing, Kevin Skarritt, discussed the 12 personal archetypes. This was one of my favorite presentations as it really got me thinking- Who am I? Who do people think I am? Who do I want to be?

I’m obsessed with Apple products, so I must be a Rebel… but I drive a Jeep… and I’m wearing Nike sneaks… I really wish my whole house was from IKEA… I could really go for some Ben & Jerry’s right about now… nah, I think I’m a Jester.

Just because I attach myself to certain brands doesn’t necessarily mean I AM what those brands are. It just means they’ve done a wicked good job at dissecting who they are, and they’re consistent in all of their messaging.

Dyn’s own Ryan O’Hara did us younger folk proud when he participated in the morning panel discussion, further strengthening the importance of finding and sticking to your true identity. “Brofessional” may be in Merriam-Webster’s Class of 2013 and it proved to be the “A-Ha!” moment for many attendees, at least according to Twitter.

sunsetmicaelaI left A-Ha! With a million thoughts and ideas swimming around my head… #1 is to really sit down and pinpoint my archetype, and act upon it. I don’t mean that I won’t allow myself to do things, buy things, like things, that aren’t associated with my archetype; however if I go into work every day and help companies do this for themselves, I should do it myself. Stay tuned!

I challenge you all to figure out your personal archetype… and I leave you with my sunrise today.