We Escaped! Can You?

Last weekend, we had our Stay Work Play holiday outing! (Yes, we know we were about a month late, but why not keep the party going as long as possible?) We started with a Yankee Swap at the office, followed that with some late morning beverages from Café la Reine, and then grabbed lunch at Republic!

Once our bellies were full of delicious food, we hopped in our cars and headed to Granite State Escape, where we took on the “Defuse the Bomb” room. We went into it a bit unsure – according to their website, none of their three rooms have a success rate of more than 35 percent. Not only that, but we learned that we had to defuse a bomb and then escape from the room – all in 60 minutes or less!

So there we were – the four of us locked in this small room with the timer counting down and we took off in every direction! We started opening everything that could be opened, turning things upside down, reading papers around the room, and finding out all that we could. Some of the puzzles were harder than others, but when we reached a challenging one, we put all four heads together and came up with the answer.

(L to R): Program Manager, Beth; President & CEO, Kate; Administrator, Ariel; Ariel’s husband, Nick

We had a great time! It was a fun way to not only practice our teamwork, but also to learn more about each other’s skills. In the end, we defused the bomb and escaped the room in 45 minutes and 31 seconds!

So if you are looking for a team building activity? Or maybe something different for a family or friend outing? Check out Granite State Escape in Manchester! Good luck escaping!

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