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Quaint, quiet Snowville, NH is home to my new favorite restaurant in Mount Washington Valley, Max’s at Snowvillage Inn. If you’ve never been to or heard of Snowville, it’s just off the beaten path, right outside of Conway. The Inn is super easy to find and is in a beautiful setting: hillside in a clearing that provides amazing views. No matter when you visit, you are in for a treat at the Snowvillage Inn. I am struggling to decide what setting I like best… Warm summer evenings, sipping ice cold blueberry mojitos while sitting on the patio and taking in the gorgeous views, or the cool winter, in the sitting area next to a warm, crackling fireplace while sipping a caramel apple ‘tini. I can’t choose, which means that I’ll just have to visit more often.

Max'sThe cozy dining room of Max's Restaurant at Snowvillage Inn. Photo courtesy of Snowvillage Inn

The cozy dining room of Max’s Restaurant at Snowvillage Inn. Photo courtesy of Snowvillage Inn

We were all smiles after a wonderful experience at Max's, celebrating the sale of my house.

We were all smiles after a wonderful experience at Max’s, celebrating the sale of my house.

I wanted to celebrate my recent home sale somewhere special and unique, so my boyfriend & I made a reservation at Max’s. We had visited over the summer and enjoyed drinks on the porch, but didn’t stay for dinner, and we had yet to make one of the weekly local’s nights. It was a cold night in January and we wanted to warm up so we decided to head over a little early and enjoy some tasty bevvies by the fireplace. The Inn is just so inviting and the staff is welcoming and friendly; I’m pretty sure owners Kevin & Jen are on first name basis with all or most of their guests. We cozied up next to the fireplace and simply relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. The sitting area is one of those rooms that you just feel at home in; you instantly want to spend more time there. I could picture myself losing track of time sitting and reading books or playing some of the many board games displayed on the bookshelves. It’s as if time stands still while you are visiting the Snowvillage Inn.

We enjoyed the most delicious dinner accompanied by a lovely bottle of wine. The culinary team strives to use fresh, local ingredients in creative, surprising ways. I have been very pleased every time I have dined at Max’s, and this night was no different. My entrée was the perfect size, leaving just enough room for dessert – a chocolate torte that I shared with my beau. Mmm, mmm. So good.

I keep thinking that I need to find another excuse to visit Max’s, but then again, who needs a reason? I don’t, and neither do you. I hope you get a chance to visit this wonderful restaurant, although, I don’t mind keeping this little gem all to myself!

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