What Are You Watching?

With so much time indoors, I’ve taken to watching new shows, new movies, and really whatever I can get my hands on that keeps me laughing as the days lengthen and warm up enough to go play outside. Until then, what are you watching?

Let’s talk cinema! X-Men fans got another great release this month in Logan, and Hugh Jackman can basically do no wrong. Of course, Beauty and the Beast came out just days ago and I’m sure our local theaters are going to be bursting with fans after so much anticipation for that one.

Is this 1994? Because the new Power Rangers movie is coming out in a few days and I’m pretty sure the last time I watched Beauty and the Beast and Power Rangers, the Spice Girls were playing in the background while I fed my Tamagotchi. Ah, nostalgia. You are so delicious.

I’m sure there are plenty of very powerful indie films coming out, too, so feel free to share them in the comments. Personally I like to watch things that make me happy and give me an escape from the harshness of reality for a little while, so I err on the side of uplifting.
Speaking of uplifting, have you guys seen Superstore? I don’t know where my husband and I have been all this time, but we finally found this show and it is beyond hilarious. Obviously because the man behind it produced The Office and you see the same character dynamics here, mixed in with perfectly timed humor and an exceptional cast. If you’ve ever worked in retail, this show is for you.

If you have Amazon Prime, you might want to try Z: The Beginning of Everything. The rich storytelling of this show befits the subjects, namely Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, as it details their relationship, marriage, and the wild high life they enjoyed and overindulged in. I know I said I only like happy stuff, but this show is beyond powerful, and for a dreamer, it’s a must watch!

Don’t feel like going out, and don’t like anything you see on the TV? What about hitting up a Red Box? Personally I missed Doctor Strange when it came out due to being a parent with no free time (the presence of my toddler can be felt in my header image), but as that changes, I’m definitely planning on hitting one of those up for a movie night at home. Did you know Red Box also has video games you can rent, too? Maybe instead of a movie night, a video game night is in order!

Warm weather is teasing us, and before you know it we’ll be complaining about the heat. Until then, stay healthy, stay happy, and watch something good!

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