What Do You Call a Buckeye Who Lands in New Hampshire?

“O-H!” . . . I said, “O-H?!” . . . is anyone out there? Is anyone listening? This brown-eyed Buckeye girl just landed far from the tree. Back home, when someone shouts “O-H,” another replies, “I-O.” It’s a chant; an Ohio State football tradition. Also, a Buckeye is not only a tree species, but also a nickname for residents of the state of Ohio.

Wait a minute! I’m no longer a resident of Ohio. My husband and I sold the first home we bought together as husband and wife, packed up our belongings, including our two cats, Cashel & Clover, and drove for hours and hours. We arrived at beautiful Mascoma Lake in Enfield, a town with a population of 4,618.

After 7 years in one of America’s greatest mid-sized cities, I often wondered if I would feel like a fish out of water in this small, New Hampshire town and in this mountainous, tree-filled terrain. The truth is we’re a mere three weeks into this chapter of our life and I’m loving the view, the fresh air, the clean water, and the polite, friendly, and welcoming people I’ve encountered so far.

Our backyard in Enfield, New Hampshire. Photo by Troy Hounshell

Our backyard in Enfield, New Hampshire.
Photo by Troy Hounshell

I could not be more excited to get out and explore all the Upper Valley offers and to share some of these experiences while blogging for Stay Work Play! The following are some of the topics I plan to write about:

  1. Shopping;
  2. Towns of the Upper Valley;
  3. Volunteering;
  4. Job searching;
  5. Drinking & dining;
  6. Outdoor recreation;
  7. Licensing;
  8. Learning; and hopefully eventually
  9. Working!

There are several ways to join me on this journey: (1) follow me on Twitter @ShanonHounshell; (2) leave tips and photos for me on mobile apps like Yelp and I’ll do the same for you; (3) watch my New Hampshire’s Upper Valley foursquare list grow;  (4) search social media applications like facebook or Pinterest using the hashtags #UpperValley and #NH; and/or (5) tune into my blog for Stay Work Play on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month.

I want your feedback and input. When it comes to New Hampshire’s Upper Valley, where should I go, who should I meet, and what should I write about? And if you know, please tell me, do residents of New Hampshire or the Upper Valley have a nickname?

4 Responses to “What Do You Call a Buckeye Who Lands in New Hampshire?”

  1. SarahJuly 25, 2013 at 11:02 pm #

    Love it!! Can’t wait to hear more about your explorations in New Hampshire!!

    • Shanon HounshellJuly 31, 2013 at 12:05 pm #

      Thank you, Sarah, for being the first public comment on my first blog post!

  2. Janet JacksonApril 14, 2014 at 9:22 am #

    I-O! (I’m not an original Buckeye, nor a big OSU fan (sorry), but I thought someone ought to respond to you. 🙂 ) Shanon, this new chapter in your life looks amazing. Congratulations and enjoy every second!

  3. Shanon HounshellApril 15, 2014 at 1:19 pm #

    Janet, it is great to hear from you! Thank you for the thoughtful reply and your kind words. 🙂 Shanon

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