What do you mean, you don’t like beer?


I’m not talking about Bud Light. I’m talking about real, flavorful beer. Well, Jon and I love it- Strange Brew and Murphy’s are always on the top of our list simply for the great tap selection.

No, those aren’t rabbit droppings or wood pellets—they’re hops (beer seeds, if you will). We have been saying we were going to start homebrewing for a while now, and all it took was one great referral from a coworker to light the fire under my ass. Am I allowed to say that?

Jasper’s in Nashua is definitely a hole in the wall, but consider it a magical, secret, hole in the wall. I’m sure there’s a TV or movie example but that’s not the point. The guys at Jasper’s are beyond passionate about beer—and they’re smart.

Though we chose Jasper’s, there are some other great resources in New Hampshire for beer lovers.


[no- that’s not a root beer float, it’s fermentation]

Candia Road Brewing Company offers all the good homebrew equipment and brainpower as well.

IncrediBREW offers a unique service- allowing customers to brew their concoction & also leave their brewing beers at the shop to ensure temperature (which is a very important piece in the process). They also help you with labels when you’re in the bottling phase.

Brew Free or Die is New Hampshire’s own homebrew club. They hold monthly meetings to plan events such as competitions, and to discuss techniques and recipes… and the best part—sampling. It’s only $20/year for you and your significant brewer.