What will be your legacy?


My step-grandfather passed away peacefully after his struggle with cancer earlier this month. He had already written his obituary. I suppose you get to a certain time in your life where you do what’s necessary and my step-grandfather was a no nonsense kind of man. His pre-planned obituary was one of the many things that he had handled & set aside for when this inevitable time would come. I undertook the role to type it up and take care of the submission process with the local newspaper.

I sat down at the computer, picked up the folder that contained his obituary & began to read. While reading (and crying) I thought to myself, “Wow, what an incredibly talented man.” I knew he was a highly educated & incredibly kind but it wasn’t till I read his obituary that I realized what he had accomplished & the legacy that he left behind. His long list of legacies includes family, education, career, hobbies, associations, honors & more. 

I’ve been contemplating since then, what will be MY legacy? Where will my footprints be once I pass? Will they be tangible? Memories can live on forever but if I don’t make waves that are big enough, will I be forgotten? Of course, of course there are many different kinds of legacies once can leave behind; children, a pocket watch, recipes, estates, and the list continues. Your legacy changes when you least expect it or when you don’t want it to. Sometimes the legacies left behind would be unexpected.

I want my step-grandfather’s legacy to live on, especially who he was as a person & loved one. It’s important to continue sharing those legacies as time goes on. Even when your potential future children say, “Mom, you told us that a bazillion times already!” Tell them again, and again. That’s when it sticks & is carried on, and continues to live forever.

With the New Year approaching and resolutions being thought up, take some time and think about what your legacy was for 2012, what it will be for 2013 and for your lifetime.