Where is the hidden gem near you?

So I’ve lived in NH now ten years, fourteen if you count my 4 amazing years at Plymouth State, and I finally discovered the historic small town of Sandwich! The only time I’ve ever been to Sandwich was to volunteer at the Sandwich Fair, but I didn’t get to explore much.
squam lake sandwich

A few weeks ago a friend invited me out to Sandwich to hang out! I drove out there with Calli right after sunrise and the ride along Lake Winnipesaukee and Squam Lake were breathtaking. Not only were the views of the lakes gorgeous but so were the beautiful farms and rustic barns.

Once I drove into downtown I felt like I was in a scene from the Andy Griffith Show! Many of the houses were white with white picket fences and there were old fashioned street signs and everyone was out on the street walking and waving to one another. Seriously, it was like Cheers-where everyone knows your name and they’re so glad that you came!Sandwich town signs

We spent the first part of my visit walking the Bearcamp River Trail. It’s a beautiful walk that leads to Beede Waterfall  and the Cow Cave and then finishes in a loop at the Meade Conservation Center which is part of the White Mountain National Forest.Beede Falls 2003 (1)

After our walk on the trail we went to Mocha Rizing, a local coffee shop where we sat outside and witnessed this small New England town then we ventured across the street to the Sandwich Historical Society. It wasn’t open yet so I will have to save that for my next trip out there.

If you are around this weekend you could make it a day trip! Check out the trail, grab a bite at the local restaurant the Corner House Inn,then go to the Sandwich Town Hall to catch “A Mid Summer Night’s Dream” presented by the Sandwich theater group Advice to the Players.

I’m looking forward to my next visit to Sandwich, and climbing one of it’s numerous mountain peaks in the Sandwich Mountain Range

What are some hidden gems in your town I should check out?

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